A year of life, learning, and big dreams.

On December 12th my husband Brent and I welcomed our precious little man Thatcher Reed into the world.  My roles as a wife and designer have drastically changed, for the better.  As I embark upon understanding my new role as a mommy I cannot forget who I was before little Thatch.  I am still a wife and still a designer, and learning how to be all three at once has been an enormous challenge.  I fail everyday at all three but I am trying to learn from my mistakes and become a woman who can embrace all three identities.    

Before little Thatch was born I was working towards building my interior design business, but I have since put those goals on the back burner.   One thing I have learned in the past couple of months is that I am a better mommy to Thatch when I am still dreaming.  I want to be a woman that my son and husband are proud of.  I want to be a woman that I am proud of.  I dream of being a good wife, I dream of being a good mom, but I also dream of being a successful designer.  I know that with the support of my wonderful husband and strength from the spirit that I can move onward in pursuit of all of these things.  

I am totally out of my comfort zone putting myself on display for the world of social media but I am learning how to be confident in who I am in all of my roles.  I am learning everyday how to be a better wife, mom and designer.  I am so thankful for God’s grace and the grace shown to me everyday by my family and friends.  

I am hoping that this blog will help me to knit all of my most important roles together and I hope that along the way I can inspire you to create a home that allows you to live happy and well.  

It seems appropriate to feature a project that combines all three of my roles, our sweet Thatcher Reed’s nursery.  Thank you Alyssa Rosenheck for capturing these precious moments. Enjoy!

Glider and Ottoman, Crib, Wallpaper, Dresser, Mirror (Vintage), Floor Lamp (Vintage), Table Lamp, Rug (Vintage Oushak), Bedding and Drapery (Custom), Side Table/Stool, Trophy Vase (ON SALE!) 

Master Bedroom Bed, Bedding